Sunday, December 5, 2010


“Time has come for you to meet him …He is the one you await…You shall recognize him as he is your destiny and then the miracles of life will unfold in front of your eyes…Wait for him…”

That beautiful lady’s words still resound in my ears making my heart quiver. After that dreadful night these words are my only abode. She didn't tell me anything else about him, but she said he would be everything I ever wanted and also, my first child would be a boy.

All these words are making me smile. I really need this now. I am missing him - 'The One'. I don't know how he looks or how tall is he. I don't even know his name or from which place is he going to come from. I know nothing about him, yet I am missing him a lot. The day I would meet him I will give him a big strong punch and ask him why he made me wait so long. I would hug him then, never to let go off him. I know he will be with me forever. I love you whoever you are….

I am sitting in my room beside the window with all lights switched off and watching the peaceful blue sky. The moonlight fading unto my skin is making my face look beautiful. Now everything within me and around seems bright. It’s filled with light. I hope all this light will not make me blind and lead me astray. I hope the brightness doesn’t wither away my sight when my love would come in front of me. I really wish I would recognize him immediately and nothing would go wrong then.

………..Come soon………….
                      I am waiting for you……………..

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